Colleaga is a global impact fund and venture studio, sourcing, financing and accelerating companies that aim to deliver social impacts.

Colleaga’s Impact Collaboratories

Global Platform for Change

Our Impact Collaboratories foster collaborative impact investment and networked innovation on UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We invest in social innovators, build synergistic ecosystems, and empower entrepreneurs to achieve their financial, traction, and impact objectives with less risk.​

Why? To create positive social change and economic gains on seemingly impossible societal challenges more quickly.

Our Ubuntu Impact Venture Studio


We Invest

in social innovators who are focused on delivering health, social, and digital transformation impact.

We Collaborate​

by bringing together an innovation ecosystem of members and resources to make progress on seemingly impossible societal challenges.​

We Accelerate​

founders and collaborative ventures by enhancing their innovation capacity and access to innovation infrastructure​.

Our Impact Venture Studios​

Our Impact Venture Studio platform has three interlocking amplifying engines to help social innovators achieve their impact, financial and product traction objectives.

The Colleaga Financing Engine

We invest with a set of blended financing tools and a syndicated, multistage global impact fund, deploying capital to support social innovators across multiple stages of growth.

The Colleaga Community Engine

We collaborate in a network of global open innovation impact accelerators, mentors, experiential learning programs and startup communities with a shared belief that generous collaboration is the key to individual success.​

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The Colleaga Impact Collaboratory

We provide impact ventures with hosted living laboratories, data sources and analytic tools, partner products, marketplaces and innovation infrastructure that let ventures focus on the problem they are passionate to solve.

Catalyzing Innovation Opportunities and Partnership Events

Colleaga orchestrates creative collisions and learning events among social entrepreneurs, impact investors and community members to build impactful partnership opportunities.​

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Collaborative Mission Based Innovation

Colleaga helps innovators and their ecosystems achieve their desired impact through orchestrating mission-based innovation partnerships and collaborative business models. Using structured ideation and enhanced engagement between all partners, we develop thriving innovation communities to solve wicked problems.​

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