Colleaga is an open ecosystem that orchestrates knowledge sharing, connections and tools to improve health and social systems


Explore our open access knowledge base of improvement solutions & find the experts who have successfully implemented them.


Join communities of practice and work with passionate peers, co-workers, and experts to help advance an innovation project.


Use curated tools and methods to implement efficient and effective health and social care.

Mission Based Innovation Communities

Colleaga helps innovators and their ecosystems achieve their desired impact through orchestrating mission based innovation communities. Using structured ideation engagement, idea-viability criteria and enhanced engagement between all partners, we develop thriving innovation communities who come together to solve their wicked problems

Cultivated Communities of Practice

Colleaga assists groups of people with shared concerns, problems and passion for a topic to deepen their knowledge and expertise together through ongoing virtual interactions and community learning events.

Open Access Knowledge Repositories

Colleaga provides Communities of Practice with open knowledge sharing repositories, curation tools and processes to share insights and learning.

Structured Open Innovation

Colleaga helps member organizations to understand their strategic context for crowdsourcing and other open innovation initiatives and how to institutionalize open innovation leadership and risk management.

Learning Health and Social Systems

Colleaga helps its members access curated communities of practice knowledge repositories, managed innovation learning forums and find just in time knowledge bundles developed by their peers.

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